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Q: Are the DVDs featured in the Buns of Steel DVD Collection Volume 1 the only Buns of Steel workouts on DVD?
A: I have produced 22 titles for the Buns of Steel Series. The "Classic Buns of Steel DVD Collection Vol. 1" is the first three titles in the 'Classic Series'. I'm in the process of releasing Vol. 2 with three more titles to be release January 1st. More will follow. Sign up for my Newsletter to keep you up-to-date on what products will be coming out soon and receive a discount!

Q: Do you have a quick toning workout program for lower body on DVD?

A: At the moment, none of the Quick Toning Series are available on DVD, however I would like to suggest Buns of Steel Classic Collection Volume 1 that includes Arms & Abs, Buns of Steel 3 and Abs of Steel. All these titles will give you a upper body workout as the QT Buns of Steel. Most of the workouts are 10 minutes segments.

Q: Do you have I Want Those Abs Workout, I want Those Arms Workout and I want Those Buns on DVD?

A: Yes. ALL OF THE ORIGINAL "I WANT THOSE" VHS are now on I WANT THAT BODY DVD! It's the best buy for your buck because it has over 75 minutes two 15 minute workouts each for Buns, Abs, Arms! You can purchase it here.

Q: How long will it take to be in shape with your workouts?

A: This really depends on you! What kind of shape are you in now? Will you be able to include all the elements of getting fit; cardio, muscle, good nutrition. The body needs time to adjust to what you’re doing to it so working out five days a week with a healthy diet and making sure you’re working out both cardio, muscle and flexibility. On an average it can take six to twelve weeks. However keep in mind, getting in shape shouldn’t be a time limit, it should be a lifestyle!


Q: How many calories (approximately) are burned in the Advanced Buns of Steel video?
A: It really depends on your size and how energy output you're putting into the workout. For example; a woman age 35, and 135 pounds would burn approximately 400 calories an hour doing calisthenics type exercises. What's more important than how many calories you burn is how many you eat and that you're consistent with working out.


Q: I’d like to preview some of your workouts before purchasing them; do you have a video review?
A: Yes you can go to our Video Collection link above and see many of the titles there.


Q: I’m looking for the original Buns of Steel workouts you did in the 90's. Are they available on DVD?
A: YES, many of the Classics are now on DVD with all the original footage! I’m working on converting all the Classic and Platinum 2000 Series on DVD. If you’re signed up for my monthly newsletter you’ll be the first to know when and receive special discounts!


Q: Is Buns of Steel Step 2000 Workout on DVD?
A: No unfortunately this title is not yet on DVD but I am working on getting them converted. The DVD you might enjoy is Tighter Assets Weight Loss which uses a step and combines all the elements to losing weight and getting in shape!


Q: Is Buns of Steel Step Aerobics on DVD?
A: That product is not available at this time on DVD but will in the near future. You might want to check amazon for a used VHS copy of the product.


Q: Is Perfect Abs on DVD?
A: Perfect Abs was a machine I endorsed for Guthy&Renker Fitness back in the late nineties! The machine came with a video showing you how to do the exercises. Although it was a great piece of equipment; or I won't had put my name on it; you really don't need a machine to get a great workout for your abdominal muscle groups. Abs are one of the most requested muscle group to work by both genders and that is why I created BEST of Tamilee Abs, Abs, Abs DVD. This product is a combination of 7 other ab workout titles I have done. Most all the workouts are 10 to 15 minutes long; which is all you need to get a great ab workout and totals 82 minutes worth of exercises for your abs or one a day. Using your body weight with gravity will work your abs just as well as any machine on the market!

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