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Take your workout to the next level with Tamilee Webb's Buns of Steel 3 DVD Download.

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  • Buns of steel 3

    Posted by Charisse on 05/06/2012


    I found Tamilee in the 80's as a fitness instructor. I had a running injury and needed a low impact workout to use that could be adapted for injury or scaled up for future use to give me the cardio i needed. After scouring all the workouts out there at the time, I found this one.
    I have been using this exercise program since the 80's (I am now in my late 40's). Bar none, this is THE BEST for buns, abs, thighs, arms and cardio that's altogether in one program. Used it to recover from pregnancies late in life (gained over 80 lbs @ because of hormones and complications) and don't have any sagging skin! Tammi Lee really KNOWS fitness!
    I am thrilled it's available for download! In the late nineties, my VHS copy was wearing out and couldn't find a copy anywhere so I paid 20$ to convert it to DVD! Now I can play it on my iPad anywhere! ( I used to audio tape it on cassette to take with me on vacation in the 80's and 90's)
    Now, close to fifty, I am using it again to help me to strengthen and recover from the weight I gained from a hip condition which required repetitive orthopedic intervention for a couple of years and my hip is getting stronger everyday! My doctor can't believe the turn around and mobility I've reached ( ask your phys. 1st).....I owe Tammi Lee over 25 years of thanks! <3

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