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Are you ready for a yoga workout that will stimulate your metabolism to burn more fat?

Stacy has designed a yoga series that will invigorate your system and dissolve unwanted pounds. The YOGA BODY FAT BURNING WORKOUT series uses sun salutations linked with standing postures, seated postures including twists, core strength, back bends and finishing poses. This is a dynamic intermediate workout for those who have mastered the sun salutation and basic standing postures of yoga. Sequential, flowing postures and Ujjayi breathing are connected to create a dynamic Vinyasa Flow Yoga practice. Be prepared to create a strong, streamlined body without bulk. Create a strong, lean body without excess bulk; improve posture & flexibility; burn fat & calories; increase body awareness & balance. Bonus Feature: Yoga Secrets to Sexy Abs - in this special series of abdominal & pelvic yoga exercises you will penetrate weak core muscles, awaken sluggish organs and connect to your center in a focused and conscious way.


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  • Awesome Ashtanga!

    Posted by M. Convertito on 10/03/2011


    This is another one of her videos that i just love because you really get a great workout. It's fairly slow and you can concentrate on your breathing and holding the belly in...:P She has some great stretches for the shoulders in there. It's also broken up in chapters, so if you just want the sitting poses or whatever, you don't have to do the whole thing. The bonus belly buster is cool too...not so difficult but definitely see the results!!!

  • Fun and Simple

    Posted by Cheryl Flatt on 10/03/2011


    I really enjoy this DVD. It is not a difficult workout (no sweating) but I feel like I get a good stretch and my body feels renewed and relaxed at the end. The full body section of the DVD is around 45 minutes followed by a separate ab section about 10-15 minutes long. The poses are not hard and Stacy is an easy to follow instuctor. Definately a good DVD to have in any collection.

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