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I have the pleasure of working with Bayview Entertainment in producing newcomers in the DVD world, and it gives me great pleasure to introduce to you Jody Trierweiler!

Jody's first workout title is ICE Workout; Interval Core Exercises for intermediate to advanced fitness levels.  Her cuing is great, the exercises are challenging and her personality is one you want in your living room encouraging you on!
Her teaching philosophy is to continually challenge her students, helping each person achieve their ultimate potential.

This workout combines intervals of strength and cardio which will incinerate calories and boost metabolism.  This program is great for the intermediate to advanced exerciser who is ready to elevate fitness to an even higher level with an extra focus on core exercises.  After a vigorous warm-up, Joy launches into the workout with a series of exercises that will get your heart and metabolism pounding: piles, jogs, ankle hops, spinal rotations, plyometric split lunges, plank  
jumps, push-ups with jack legs, 180 degree jump squats and much more.   
A soothing stretch and cool-down round out this intense and effective DVD program.


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