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I am happy to offer for the first time in 18 years, Platinum Series 2000 workouts on DVD and digital! Three of the five original titles are offered in this first volume; Buns of Steel Step, Abs of Steel and Thighs of Steel. Produced in 1993, these best selling workouts are back in its original form along with a menu that allows you to pick and choose which workouts you want to start with. Led by the leaders in the fitness industry, I, my fellow ESPN Fitness Pro Tracy York and Donna Richardson; take you through each of our own choreographed workouts to get you the best abs, thighs and buns!

Thighs of Steel 2000: Everyone wants to work their thighs and we know just how to get you sleek, sexy thighs fast! Concentrated exercises will define the inner and outer thighs, hamstrings and quadriceps. You'll tighten and firm those Buns too! Plus, there's low-impact aerobics for overall conditioning.

Abs of Steel 2000: We all want firm flat abs! This unique program of targeted toning and low-impact aerobics will help strengthen, tone and tighten the mid-section, plus burn fat and slim down all over. Lose weight and inches! The abdominal exercises become more challenging as you increase your strength bringing firm, strong abs which will improve your looks and overall well-being.

Buns of Steel Step 2000: Want to slim down and see results fast? This workout will do both! For tight, firm, fat-free buns, step aerobics is the best way to go! Each step you take burns calories, strengthening your heart and tones your buns, quadriceps and hamstrings. Stepping is easy on the joints and the Platinum Team is easy to follow. After the exciting fat-burning aerobics program, the toning segment uses the step in new ways to define and shape your whole lower body. You’ll know its working because you'll feel it. 

Now you can also get Tamilee Webb’s Platinum Series DVDs individually for a targeted workout.