Posted by ~Tamilee on 23rd Mar 2020


Take a moment and think about your lifestyle… especially now that most of us are or will be quarantined. Is it busy, active, and slow? Does it include the necessary elements to keep you fit, energized, healthy? Most of us are excessive about one or two things in our daily routine. Everyone has a routine that they begin and finish. We need to take care of our hygiene, which is the #1 suggestion to the coronavirus. Most important is our nutritional needs. If your daily routine doesn’t include exercise, then your body isn’t getting what it needs and wants!

Our bodies require physical exercise so that it can function properly for us. What we give to our bodies give back to us. If you choose to pollute yourself with junk food, drugs, smoke, alcohol, and little exercise, then your body will look and feel bad. On the other hand, if you eat healthy balanced meals, exercise, get plenty of rest and fresh air, then you most likely feel good about yourself.

Just like making time for all the necessary day to day chores, you CAN fit exercise into your lifestyle. Many people will e-mail me and say, “I hate to exercise” “I don’t have a gym at home, what can I do? Many things you can do to include exercise in your daily routine.

Let’s begin with walking…If you’re still allowed to go outside, walk, get fresh air, and walk, don’t stroll. Do you have stairs in your home or outside? If your knees are not an issue, start going up and down your stairs. Holding water jugs will increase the intensity of stepping every two steps going up. Stairs are a great heart-pumping activity that will keep your legs, butts, and thighs in great shape.

Yard work has never been my favorite past time. I think it’s because of the dirt? However, my mother, who has always been a hard-working woman, knows that yard work can be a great workout. She has an acre with a pool and does the entire yard work her. That is a lot of grass to cut, flowers to maintain, and a pool to clean. She will jump out of bed first then in the morning and not come back into the house until late afternoon, that is a full day work of bending, pulling, walking, kneeling, reaching, digging, and who knows what else?

I think you’re catching on to fitting exercise into your lifestyle. There are other ways to build FUN activity (not so dirty) into your week. Keep in mind that these types of daily activity should not count as your workout for the other five days, but things you can include in your routine to burn more calories and move your body!

Technology has made it very easy to find all kinds of workouts to do at home! Just look at YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. There are so many apps that provide fitness anywhere, anytime. I wanted to create a platform that I could put all my workouts and past TV shows on, that is how I came up with It’s a monthly subscription that you can cancel at any time. Each month I upload old and new workouts along with a monthly workout calendar, nutrition, and healthy recipes. Look for my live IG workouts or IGTV.  

It's not like you have to have lots of equipment, you don't.  I do suggest to my online clients to have a set or two of dumbbells, Rubber tubing, Fabric band, and a stability ball.  So many things we can do with just a few pieces of home equipment. 

Exercise should be Fun, Safe, and effective. So be creative and make exercise FUN while not hurting yourself but getting the results of the activity.