Best of Tamilee BUNS ABS ARMS™ Download

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I compiled your favorite exercises from my Buns of Steel programs plus some super effective moves from my own collection to give you the Best of my Best. You asked for it. You got it!

There are three 15-minute segments - each focused on a specific muscle group so you get targeted training for amazing results. The Abs segment will completely tighten and contour your midsection, the ultra-effective Buns program lifts and tightens for total definition, and the Arms segment chisels and sculpts the whole upper body. Add hand weights and a step to increase your workout and results. I use a step and dumbbels which you can find under equipment.

Because I believe in bringing you the BEST, I’ve also included a 15-minute bonus segment from Yoga Master Instructor Stacy McCarthy’s new workout, Yoga Body - Lean & Defined. Add this body slimming workout to my Buns, Abs and Arms program to keep your muscles long, lean and healthy!

Order your copy of The Best of Tamilee Buns Abs Arms and get the body you’ve always wanted.